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Ashley Langley - Home and Decor Enthusiast

For as long as I have owned a home, I’ve had an ongoing desire to make our living space feel cozy and beautiful. Not only is it nice to look at, but the feeling of calm that a beautiful space encourages, sets the whole tone in a house. After leaving a full-time career as a teacher and moving into a new house a few years ago, I found a great sense of joy as I poured myself into creating a home we loved to live in.

Through this experience, I’ve realized that not everybody has the time or ability to do this in their own home, and I would love to help. I feel passionate about creating spaces that people feel their best in. Whether you are looking for a relaxing living room, a serene bedroom, a playful children’s room, or a functional playroom, every room in a home has potential to be great. 

Though I am not professionally trained in this field of work, I believe that I can offer an affordable alternative to a typical interior designer. My focus is on decor and styling. I love to break out the paint rollers and nail gun in my own home, but I’ll leave that to you or the professionals in yours. I will help you define your style, visualize the full potential of your space, and will also do the shopping and styling, if that’s what you prefer. 

I am sincerely looking forward to getting to know you and your home!

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York ,Pa


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